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It's commonly referred to as a brake tool for GMs, I think. Simply a 10mm allen wrench, on a socket, so that you can use w/your Craftsman ratchet and torque wrench. On the 7M engines, you can use it without removing the cams, but on the 2Js, you need to remove the cams to properly access the headbolts.

** BACK ORDERED ** Stock 2JZ-GTE Metal Headgasket. This is a OEM quality head gasket for your 2JZ. We have had many people use these on 1JZ and 1.5JZ rebuilds also. This is not a factory Toyota part, it is a high quality aftermarket gasket, if you want a factory Toyota head gasket please order a DM235
Insert a 3/8-16 nut into the subframe, and screw the front socket head cap screw into the nut. Insert a 9/16 wrench through the 1" x 2" rectangular hole to hold the 3/8-16 nut while tightening the socket head capscrew. If you have problems doing the above, turn the subframe up-side-down, and allow gravity to hold the bar into place.
New Oem Toyota Supra Turbo 1993-1998 Mk4 2jzgte-jza80 Cylinder Head. ... Cxracing Ct26 Turbo Charger For Toyota 86-92 Supra 7mgte Mk3 Mkiii Bolt On ... Napa Socket ...
316 Stainless Length Steel - Head 1/2-6 Bolts Stainless Hex Lag Hex - Screws 316 Select Lag Screws Select - 1/2-6 Stainless - 316 Head Steel Bolts Hex Lag Hex Length Lag M8 M10 Flat Countersunk Socket Cap Screws Allen Bolts A4 316 Stainless Steel - See Price
M8 M10 Flat Countersunk Socket Cap Screws Allen Bolts A4 316 Stainless Steel. ... 03-10 Ford 6.0l Powerstroke Cylinder Heads And Factory Head Bolts Vt365 18mm 20mm.
Billet Performance Products 2JZ GTE 14mm Fuel Rail Kit ... M8 x 55 Socket Head Cap Screw ... the brackets and onto the factory spacers and the M8 x 55mm bolts will be ...
The center bolt for the head flange can be a bit tricky to access, the best tool to use is a 1/4" drive ratchet & swivel with an 6mm rounded hex key socket. Be sure to use blue loctite on the intake manifold head bolts and torque them to 13-16 ft/lbs.
Going over 3 quick and easy ways to remove a stripped allen head bolt.Allen Socket Remover Set inch Knipex Cobra Pliershttps://amzn....
3 Bolt - Engine Mount -oe Replacement Rubber For Clamshell Style Sbc Bbc Moto... Hks Forged - $1652.00 Hks Forged Piston Kit Aristo Jzs147 Jzs160 Supra Jza80 2jz-gte 21003-at002
chevelle 12 bolt rear end 8.875 el camino monte carlo ... 425 nail head and Tran $1,800 ... 1993 up Toyota Supra 2jzgte OEM differential for 6sp $400 ...
Bolts -44 Fury Rims Rhino 6x5.5/6x139.7 Wheels Stainless W/ 20x11.5 Pvd 4-black 4-black Rhino Fury See Price Set 4 20 Black Rhino Fury 20x11.5 Pvd W/ Stainless Bolts 6x5.5 Wheels -44mm Rim Set 4
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  • Plazmaman 12 Injector Inlet Manifold Big Port With Fuel Rail Polished Fits 2JZ Supra JZX80. Description. Please note: Plazmaman intercoolers and manifolds are hand made to order here in Sydney Australia, due to this they can take up to 10 business days to be ready for dispatch.
  • Flanged Button Head Socket Head Cap Screws - (Fractional - Fasteners) ... CD61/CD62 4-Bolt Socket Weld Stainless Steel Elbow Blocks; ... 10-AF20-N02B-2JZ. FILTER ...
  • 4-black Rhino - See Price. 4-black Rhino Fury 20x11.5 6x5.5/6x139.7 -44 Pvd W/ Stainless Bolts Wheels Rims
  • Purchased this set to remove the 8mm head bolts on a Toyota 5EFE engine in a 1995 Tercel. Cleaned all head bolt socket heads out with Brakleen and a paper towel on the end of a screwdriver, and then blew clean with compressed air. Splines on tool are a very tight fit into head bolt socket, and require a deadblow hammer to drive in until seated.
  • ARP Head Studs Toyota Supra 2JZGTE & 2JZGE 203-4205 We can not express enough how much we recommend you purchase ARP products when working on your 2JZ head.First, your stock bolts that come with your Supra are made to stretch. They are technically called TTY (Torque To Yield) bolts. Toyota (and all manufacturers) put TTY bolts in a head when ...

Order Mahle Pistons 928989305 Forged Dish Toyota 2JZ-GTE 86.50mm Bore, Huge online add to cart savings. Toyota 2JZ-GTE 3.0L (Supra), Bore 86.50mm, Stroke 86.0mm, Rod Length 142.0mm, Dish -14.2cc, 337 Grams Advertised Weight, Set of 6 Pistons and Rings Included.

Front lower stud - take the stud out and replace it with a high tensile allen key bolt Rear lower stud - use a narrow 14mm spanner and go from the left hand side UNDERNEATH the manifold by dislocating your wrist and doing 1/4 turns on the nut specifically from 5 o'clock to 7 o'clock, so glad I don't have massive shovel hands otherwise there's ... We offer a plethora of 2jz Gte Head for your vehicle needs. ... For 93-05 Lexus Gs300 Is300 Sc300 Toyota Supra 3.0 Dohc 2jzge 2jzgte Head Bolts. ... Impact Socket; Ir ...
You'll need a 17mm wrench or socket to tighten the new bolts. Tighten them up snug, around 5-10 (7-11 Nm) torque should suffice. Unlike the stock setup where you have the steel seat bracket bolted directly to the steel floor pan, the seat lift spacers offer a small amount of compliance to help keep the bolts from loosening up under road ... Brian Crower . Brian Crower Heavy-duty I Beam Chevy Duramax Diesel Arp2000 7/16 Bolts Bc6470. $2011.88

Cylinder Head Bolts, Pro Series, Hex Head, Chevy, 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0L, 2004 and Newer, Kit. Part Number: ARP-134-3610

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